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MYOB AE/AO release notes—5.4.42/2021.2 (Australia)

Release date—28 March 2022

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This release (5.4.42/2021.2) includes the following changes.


2022 Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) return

From April 2022, you can lodge the 2021 FBT tax return. See 2022 Fringe benefits tax return instructions on the ATO website.

Practice Tax

If you use MYOB Practice tax, you'll be able to create tax returns after you've created activity statements online. You can also create a previous year's tax return after you've moved a current year online.
For example, if you've moved a 2021 tax return online, you can still create a 2020 tax return in AE/AO.

Resolved issues

PLS validations

  • IITR.311085: Total CGT discount applied amount is incorrect: This error happened when a code is missing Item 18 label M when Affordable housing is selected.
  • INCDTLS.000370: This error happened incorrectly when there is a blank early-stage investment (ero) schedule.

PLS rejections

  • CMN.ATO.GEN.XBRL03 & 04: This rejection happened when Occupation code 531112 was selected in Non-Resident Foreign Income schedule. This is fixed now.
  • CMN.ATO.INCDTLS.000357 (2020 & 2021): Foreign employment income non-payment summary details are incomplete. We've implemented a validation test.
  • CMN.ATO.IITR.730272 (2020 & 2021): This rejection happened if you've completed a stopped/commenced field, and 2 fields Australian residency start and end dates in A2 Part-year tax free threshold. We've implemented a validation test.
  • CMN.ATO.GEN.432268 (FBT 2022): This rejection happened when there was an amount less than 50 cents at Item 22 credit due and there are no bank details entered at item 13 Electronic funds transfer. We've implemented a validation test.
  • CMN.ATO.GEN.410002 (FBT 2022): This rejection happened when there is a value C/- in line 1 of an address and line 2 is blank. We've implemented a validation test.
  • CMN.ATO.IDS.440455: This error is incorrectly generated if you've answered N at Item 2 label B, items 3 to 17 and Y at Item 11 Label G and A. Before validating an existing return with this error, make sure you've refreshed Item 11 Label G by changing N to a Y and then back to N.


  • Individual tax return:
    • Item 9: Attributed Personal Services Income Payments printed twice on the Additional Tax information section. This is now fixed.
    • Government super contributions calculator: The amount in the Income from investment, Partnership and other sources' field was not printed in the estimate. This is now fixed.
    • Salary or wages payment summary (egc) schedule: Incorrect country names are printed when selecting EAST TIMOR (TIMOR-LE) or BONAIRE, SAINT EUSTA. This is now fixed.
  • Non-individual tax return (Rental schedule)
    • Field Ownership % is printing incorrectly. This is now fixed.
  • Company tax return: Capital allowances (Item 9 Label I) were printing incorrectly. This is now fixed.

Other fixes

  • Individual tax return: Excess concessional contributions (EY, ECC) schedule - Financial year in which the release amount will be included as assessable income field updated.
  • International dealings schedule: The ATO has reversed the changes to validation tests (CMN.ATO.IDS.440560, CMN.ATO.IDS.440561, CMN.ATO.IDS.440005). We've implemented this change. These rules were updated in our previous release.
  • Trust tax return (2020 & 2021):
    • When distributing the income, the amount at Item 57 Label G was tripled which generated V332A and V355 errors. This is now fixed.
    • When distributing the Attributed foreign income, the beneficiary return does create a Distribution from Trusts (dit) worksheet (in the Foreign income section) to show the distributed income. This is now fixed.
  • Company tax return:
    • Base Rate Entity eligibility tests question incorrectly answered when aggregated turnover is less than 50 million. This is now fixed.
Client Accounting
What's new
Changes in Client Accounting when using New Essentials/MYOB Business ledgers
  • Tax codes and Tax amounts: Allow journals with GST to be posted correctly to New Essentials/MYOB Business/AccountRight Live. Learn more.
  • Balance Forward Accounts: When you configure a New Essentials/MYOB Business ledger, make sure you import the MAS, AOGL, or Accounts chart of accounts into the New Essentials/MYOB Business ledger. We'll then configure the default balance forward accounts automatically.
  • Set Lock date: When using an online ledger such as MYOB Essentials, or MYOB Business, you'll be able to set the lock date in Client accounting by selecting Set Lock Date from the Tasks > Ledger on the right side.
  • Editing a posted journal: In the Edit Journal window, you'll be able to edit the original journal without having to reverse it. These changes will write back to the underlying ledger.
    There will now be 2 options if you need to make a change:
    • Edit transactions
    • Reverse the original journal and create a new transaction.

  • Ledger type display: If you've configured an MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business, the Ledger type under the Configured Ledger Details will show MYOB Business.
Uninstall New Relic

If you're on version 5.4.40, you might see New Relic installed that is used for tracking system performance. This is to monitor time and performance of the client accounting module when performing certain tasks.

If you prefer not to have New Relic on your workstations, you can uninstall it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Explorer on the machine you want to uninstall New Relic from.
  2. On the Address bar, type %programdata%\new relic.

  3. Right-click uninstall.cmd and run it as administrator.

If you've contacted support to disable New Relic, it will stay disabled even after installing a new version of AE/AO

Resolved issues
  • Quantities posted from Client Accounting Workpaper not appearing on reports: When entering quantities (entered manually or from Livestock journal) from client accounting disappears after posting, and they do not appear on the trial balance or reports. This happens for both AccountRight and Essentials files. This is now fixed.
  • For a Trust client, when opening a To do task that has a workpaper attached, nothing happens. This is now fixed.
  • We've fixed the error sorry we failed to post the journal, platform responded with an unexpected result when posting journals with tax GST code.
  • In the previous release version 5.4.41, there was a display issue when migrating custom account groups. The progress bar was always showing a total of 25 accounts updated even when more account groups were migrated. This is now fixed.

Need help?

  • Call our support team on 1300 555 666.
  • Submit a support request via my.myob.
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