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MYOB AO 2019.0b—Prerequisites

Read this section completely before installing MYOB AO. It will help you plan for the tasks required and ensure a successful installation.

General preparations
  1. Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements.

    Make sure that your system setup meets the minimum operating requirements for Microsoft. This means that you must have the latest Microsoft updates and service packs installed before you install MYOB AO.
    We’re continually updating our systems and compatibility with Microsoft.
  2. Ensure that you have MYOB AO 2019.0 installed.
  3. Ensure that you have MYOB logins configured for your practice. See Logging in to MYOB AO.

  4. Back up your existing MYOB AO data, using Maintenance > Backup > Back Up Now (if you're upgrading MYOB AO).

  5. Ensure you understand how your system is configured. You need to know if you are installing on a:
    • Standalone computer or Terminal Server network

    • Client Server network or Peer to Peer network
      See What is my system setup? if you are unsure of your system setup.

  6. This installation includes a change to your computer’s registry settings to turn on Enable Linked Connections. See What is Enable linked connections?

  7. Disable your anti-virus / malware program before running the install.

  8. Ensure your regional settings for format and location are set to Australia.

  9. Ensure that you have internet access.

  10. Allow sufficient time for installation. It may take more than an hour to complete.

    You can't use MYOB AO during the installation.
  11. To ensure that your database is upgraded correctly, you MUST reboot the computer which has your existing MYOB AO database.

  12. Ensure that your Windows login has administrator rights when performing the installation.
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