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MYOB AO install guide—2021.1 (Australia)

Release date—22 November 2021

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Read this section completely before installing MYOB AO. It will help you plan for the tasks required and ensure a successful installation.

  1. Check that your computer meets the system requirements.
  2. Ensure that you have MYOB Logins configured for your practice. See Logging in to MYOB AO.

  3. Backup your existing MYOB AO data, using Maintenance > Backup > Back Up Now (if you're upgrading MYOB AO).

  4. Make sure you understand how your system is configured. You need to know if you are installing on a:
    • Standalone computer or Terminal Server network

    • Client Server network or Peer to Peer network
      See What is my system setup? if you are unsure of your system setup.

  5. For information on the new registry setting, see What is Enable Linked Connections?

  6. Disable your anti-virus / malware program before running the install.

  7. Ensure your regional settings for format and location are set to Australia or New Zealand (depending on your location).

  8. Make sure that you have internet access.

  9. Allow sufficient time for installation. It may take more than an hour to complete.

  10. To ensure that your database is upgraded correctly, you MUST reboot the computer which has your existing MYOB AO database.

  11. Make sure that your Windows login has administrator rights when performing the installation.
  12. If you use Document Manager, make a note of the document manager file store:
    1. Login to MYOBAO
    2. Go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Documents > Document Manager Setup > File Store tab.
    3. Make note of the location. If the location is on a different server, you will have to run DMconfig.exe. Check steps in the Document Manager installation under the 'Upgrading your existing version' section.
Upgrading your existing AO

These instructions for MYOB Accountants Office (AO) explain how to upgrade an existing MYOB AO installation to the latest version.

The MYOB AO Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Install MYOB AO on the computer which has your existing MYOB AO database. If you have a network this is usually your server.

If you run MYOB AO on more than one PC, install MYOB AO on all other computers which run MYOB AO.

Main installation

You must run the installation on the computer that will store your MYOB AO database. If you have a network this is usually your server. See What is my system setup? for more information on your system setup.

  1. Download the MYOB AO 5.4.41 - Lite Install file from my.MYOB.

  2. Exit all programs and reboot the computer you are going to install MYOB AO on to ensure a clean environment.

  3. Log on to the computer as the administrator.

  4. Select the region that applies to you so the correct software for your region is installed and click Next. The Welcome - Licence Agreement window opens.

    At the bottom of the installer window, you'll find links to the Release Notes.

  5. Read the Licence Agreement carefully, select I have read and accept the licence agreement then click Next.

  6. Click Install Now to start the installation.

    The installation may take more than an hour to complete. Ensure that you have allocated enough time for the installation.

  7. A dialog appears indicating that you may receive an Open File - Security Warning message when opening MYOB AO. Click OK.

  8. When the MYOB AO installation is complete, click Finish.

    If you’re using a proxy server you don’t need to change the ClientFrameWork.exe.config file in the server Deploy folder see Proxy Server Information.

  9. If you are prompted to restart your computer, make sure the Restart now box is ticked before clicking Finish.

    Restarting each computer after completing the installation will help to avoid any issues using your MYOB software. See What is Enable Linked Connections and Open File - Security Warning for more information.

  10. If you disabled your anti-virus / malware programs before you installed MYOB AO, re-enable it before continuing.
  11. If you have a network setup and you are running MYOB AO on more than one computer, perform a Workstation installation to update the local deploy folder.

Workstation installation

An upgrade can either be done by Auto update when you open MYOB AO or you can run a Manual update.

There are changes to workstation installations as part of this release, refer to workstation install changes for further information.

If you see this screen, automatic workstation updates have been disabled for your practice, so you should run a Manual update on your workstation.

Auto update

If you see this screen when you open MYOB AO, automatic workstation updates are enabled at your practice:

Click Yes to update your workstation automatically.

Click No and you will need to run a Manual update (see below).

Manual update

The workstation updates for all MYOB AO products are combined into one file for this installer. The file is located at \MYOBAO\AOSQL\WorkstationInstall\setup.exe.

After the server installation, a manual workstation update should be performed on all workstations that you want to have access to the latest MYOB AO products, in the following instances:

  • if you’re installing MYOB AO on a new workstation for the first time.

  • if the workstation link is not operational.

  • if the automatic update can’t proceed and you’re prompted to run a manual install.


  1. Ensure that you have read the information in General preparations.

  2. Log into the workstation as administrator.

  3. Navigate to \MYOBAO\AOSQL\WorkstationInstall\setup.exe on your server or computer where the server installation was performed.

  4. Double-click setup.exe. The Licence Agreement window opens.

  5. Read and accept the Licence Agreement by selecting the I have read and accept the licence agreement checkbox.

  6. Click Next. The Ready to Install window opens.

  7. Click Install Now. The Installation Progress window opens.

    If you receive the message, If you receive an “Open file security” warning message when opening MYOB Accountants Office Workstation, it is recommended that you restart your computer, click OK.

    On completion, the Installation Complete window opens.

  8. Click Finish. The workstation installation is complete.


If you are prompted, you should reboot your computer after completing the installation to avoid any issues using your MYOB software. See What is Enable Linked Connections? and Open File - Security Warning for more information


Version number


  1. Open MYOB AO.

  2. Click Help and select About.

  3. Confirm that the:

    1. Install version: is 2021.1.

    2. Version is

  4. Click Plugins.
  5. Confirm the version for the following products:
    • Statutory Reporter:
    • Client Accounting:
    • Document manager:
    • Practice Manager:
    • Tax Homepages:
AO Tax
  1. Open a tax return.
  2. Click Help and select About.
  3. Confirm that the version is:
    • 2021.1 (for a 2021 tax return)
    • 2020.4 (for a 2020 tax return).
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