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Changing default columns on reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Column templates define the number of columns, the presentation of the columns and the types of balances in the columns to be shown on reports. For example, the 5 Year Trend column template provides five columns of values: current year and four prior years. Column templates are attached to formats and reports – report level column templates override those attached to formats. The attached column template can also be overridden at the time of printing or previewing.

Most formats in the MYOB Masters have been designed with the default column template being #Two Year. This column template is considered to be the most commonly used presentation. In compliance reports (indicated by the prefix “#”), the #Two Year column template is used by default. This configuration produces compliance reports with account balances for the current and previous year and the column headings being the year number.

In managements reports (indicated by the prefix “$”), the column template $This Year:Last Year has been attached. This configuration produces management reports with account balances for the current and previous year and the column headings being “This Year” and “Last Year”, respectively.

When first year accounts are required, the #One Year or $This Year column template should be used for the report. This configuration will produce account balances for the current year only.

The Cover Page formats use the page number column template to ensure that when page numbers are not printed on the reports, they do not display on the contents page either.

The Favourites function in Reporter > Generate reports... enables you to save common report combinations, report changes and report configurations. This allows easy reuse of settings which you find common and useful.

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