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Cover page and contents page

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The cover page displays the basic Client Name details and automatically updates the “Financial <or Management> Report for the <Year> or <Period>” phrase. The contents page displays an index to the individual sections within a set of financial reports. The cover page will also display the words ”Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation” if DB.#EntityDetails.ClientDetails.CoverPageLiabilityLimitationStatement = ”Yes”.

Two sets of formats for cover page and contents page have been provided for all entities except Superannuation Funds. These have been included in the report designs – one for Compliance reports (report name prefixed with #) and one for Management Reports (report name prefixed with $).

An additional format Associations Contents Page has been designed for use by Incorporated Associations only (in the Company entity). Also, separate cover page and contents page have been designed for use by non-trading trustee companies only (in the Trust entity).

The cover page will be displayed only when DB.#EntityDetails.ClientDetails.CoverPage = Yes“.

The contents page will always be displayed and will automatically exclude references to sections that have not been selected in the set of financial reports.

Each contents page is comprised of two formats:

  • a header format

  • a contents page format.

When the order of the sections within the set of financial reports has changed, the contents page may also need to be updated.

The formats that may be affected are:

  • Contents Page (all compliance reports for all entities)

  • Management Contents Page (all management reports for all entities except Superannuation Fund)

  • Management Contents Page Non Compliance (all management reports non-compliance for all entities except Superannuation Fund)

  • Management Control and Subaccounts Contents Page

  • Association Contents Page (Incorporated Associations only)

  • Contents Page – Non Trading Trustee Company (Non Trading Trustee Company only).

All contents pages, except for the Association Contents Page, and the Contents Page – Non Trading Trustee Company, have been designed to include the names of external reports. The names of the external reports are defined by you and should be entered in:


Typing the report names, e.g., “Depreciation Schedule”, in these Database Map items will result in the inclusion of these names as external reports on the contents pages.

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