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Departmental trading statement

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Departmental Trading Statement has been included in all reports and will print when DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.DivisionalTradingStatements<>“None“. Other values available for this option are Division per page and Division per column. Division per page will print one division per page and Division per column will print multiple divisions across the page. Any selection will update the contents page with Departmental Trading, Profit and Loss Statement and page reference number.

This report will be titled DEPARTMENTAL TRADING, PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT, unless an override value is entered in DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.NewReportNameDivisional.

  • For MAS, a description for each trading division name heading should be entered as a description in sub-code 239-01, 239-02 etc., with the appropriate division attached. If using sub-codes for divisions ensure that the control account division is always blank.
  • For Accounts, a description for each branch and each trading division name should be set up under the relevant master chart group.

Account codes will be shown to the left of the account descriptions if Report Settings is selected. See Report settings.

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