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Detailed livestock and farm income statement

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Detailed Livestock and Farm Income Statement has been included in all reports and will print whenever DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.DetailedLivestockStatement<>“None“. Other values available for this option are Single and Multiple.

If Single is selected, a summarised Farm Profit and Loss Statement will print; else the Livestock Trading Statement will be produced and will update the contents page with Detailed Farm Income Statement and page reference number.

Account codes will be shown to the left of the account descriptions depending on the Report Settings selection. See Report settings.

The reports can print a maximum of six livestock types as defined in CM.Management.LivestockTrading for the Livestock Trading Statement.

For MAS, a description for each livestock type that is required should be entered as a description for the following accounts: 105, 115, 125, 135, 145 and 155. Accounts 109, 119, 129, 139, 149 and 159 should also be opened for the relevant livestock type for the correct presentation of Gross Profit / Loss from livestock.

For Accounts, a description for each livestock must be entered as a division; the name of each division will be printed as the description for each livestock type.

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