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Directors and partners

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Many reports make references to directors, partners and trustees whether singular or plural.

Single or multiple directors

Where necessary, wording in the MYOB Masters reports will be updated to singular or plural form to cater for the scenario of a single director or the scenario of multiple directors.

The plural wording in the MYOB Masters reports is determined by the number of directors entered in DB.OtherReports.Director. Each director is entered individually into this Database Map table. Directors appointed after the end of the financial year must be included in the Director’s Report and appropriate details should be completed. If any directors have been appointed since the end of the financial year and are required to sign the Directors’ Report, this Database Map table will require editing to reflect this.

The wording in the Directors’ Report will be in singular form if only one director has been set up.

Single or multiple partners

Some reports require either singular or plural wording depending on the number of partners in the practice. Singular wording will be used if DB.OtherReports.AuditReport.MultiplePartners = “No“.

Single or multiple trustees for Trusts and Superannuation Funds

Trustees instead of directors may be present for Trusts and Superannuation Funds. Tests similar to singular or plural directors apply to provide singular or plural wording for single / multiple trustees. Details regarding the directors or trustees for a Superannuation Fund are entered in DB.OtherReports.DirectorOrTrustee.

For example, =RecordCount(DB.OtherReports.Director) > 1 (or =RecordCount(DB.OtherReports.DirectorOrTrustee) > 1 for Superannuation Fund) returns TRUE if multiple directors have been entered. Also in the #EntityDetailsClientDetailsTrusteeType database, selection for either Corporate or Individual will be necessary for all wording changes.

Signature by director or partner

Reports, including a declaration from an auditor (e.g., Audit Report), often require a signature from either the partner or director of the firm.

If these reports are to be signed by a director, enter the name of the director in DB.OtherReports.AuditReport.DirectorSignName (for Audit Report and Auditors Independence Declaration) or DB.OtherReports.CompilationReport.DirectorSignName (for Compilation Report).

If these reports are to be signed by the partner, enter the name of the partner in DB.OtherReports.AuditReport.SignedName (for Audit Report and Auditors Independence Declaration) or DB.OtherReports.CompilationReport.SignedName (for Compilation Report).

If both Database Map items have been entered, the director’s name will be used.

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