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Distribution of income (Trusts)

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The distribution of income is available for trust entities as an individual report or included in #Trust and #Trust Non-Compliance all Balance Sheet Notes Reports. This report provides details of the various types of distributions and all details will be required to be entered in DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.DistributionOfIncome for completion of this report.

DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.DistributionOfIncome allows for the change of wording for minute or resolution. DB.OtherReports.DistributionOfIncome caters for the inclusions of names, percentages, and various types of distributions. For example, net taxable income, capital gains, interest and investments.

The Distribution of Income report will print at the end of the reports for #Trust and #Trust Non-Compliance all Balance Sheet Notes. It has no page number since it does not form part of a set of financial statements, but can be included in the contents page by adding the wording Distribution of Income in DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.ExternalReportAttachment 1 or 2.

There has been no change made to the existing Secretarial Reports which automatically include the Distribution of Income in the Directors Minute.

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