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Printing of SCE

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

As the number of Reserve accounts in the ledger can vary (potentially up to 14 accounts), the following are simple tips to help control the presentation of the Statement of Changes in Equity:

  • Automatic adjustment of page orientation is controlled in the Statement of Changes in Equity format via the Space Filler right-click menu option in the checkbox Adjust orientation to fit page. When this option is not checked, the SCE will always print on a portrait page with any subsequent columns overflowing to a second portrait page.

  • Report preview scaling is controlled by changing the Scale Percentage in the Tools > Scaling menu item. The SCE report preview can be adjusted to exactly fit a single page.

The Scale Percentage affects all report previews.

  • The margins of the report can be adjusted by editing the properties of the SCE folder in the respective report, which can be reduced specifically for the SCE report, allowing space for an additional column to print on the page.

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