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Secretarial report

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Secretarial Report is available for all entities except partnerships as an individual report only and has not been included in any set of financial reports. Details will be required to be entered in DB.OtherReports.SecretarialDetails for completion of this report.

This section describes the Secretarial Report for all entities except Superannuation Fund, which is different from that of other entities. See Secretarial report—superannuation fund.

The Secretarial Report provides details of any directors meeting and AGM meeting. Additional details will need to be entered in DB.OtherReports.Director.

Directors Meeting will only print if DB.OtherReports.Director.PresentDM = “Yes“, listing all directors present at the meeting and details regarding any dividends paid. If dividends have been proposed, i.e., CM.DirectorsReport.Dividends.Proposed<>0, associated details will also be disclosed. Wording for this report will change for single/multiple directors.

AGM Meeting will only be printed if DB.OtherReports.Director.PresentAGM = “Yes“, listing all directors present at the meeting.

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