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Statement of financial position

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Changing the report heading

The report heading for Statement of Financial Position can be switched to Balance Sheet if an alternative presentation is preferred.

To change the report heading from Statement of Financial Position to Balance Sheet, set DB.#EntityDetails.ReportingExtraDetails.UseStatementOfFinancialPosition from its default value of Yes to No.

Displaying a footer

Reporting companies and associations only

To display an AASB 9 or AASB 15 footer at the end of the report, go to Non-Transaction Data > Notes > AccountingStandards > AASB9_and_AASB15_Adoption, choose AASB9 or AASB15, and select Yes.

When you roll over your ledgers to the following year, the non-transaction data settings you selected for AASB 9 or AASB 15 will default back to No and the footers will no longer print.

Also available in the Statement of movements in equity and Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income reports.

Contract cost assets and Contract liabilities notes

Reporting companies and associations only

To populate the Contract cost assets and Contract liabilities notes
  1. Move or add the appropriate account code ranges into the folders for these chart map folders:
    • BalanceSheet > Assets > Current > ContractCostAssets.
    • BalanceSheet > Liabilities > Current > ContractLiabilities.
  2. Update the paragraph boxes in the following fields.
    • Non-transaction data > Notes > ContractAssetsLiabilities > ContractCostAssets.
    • Non-transaction data > Notes > ContractAssetsLiabilities > ContractCostLiabilities.
    The paragraphs will be included in the Contract balances note along with the balances from the new chart map folders. The Statement of financial position displays the account balances with a reference to the note.
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