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Trustees' declaration

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Information regarding the directors or trustees must be entered in DB.OtherReports.DirectorOrTrustee.

The number of directors or trustees entered will determine whether singular or plural wording is to be used, i.e., plurals will be used when RecordCount(DB.OtherReports.DirectorOrTrustee) > 1. Wording will also vary for the trustees depending on whether they are individuals or corporations, i.e., DB.#EntityDetails.ClientDetails.TrusteeType = “Individual“ or “Corporate“.

All directors or trustees where DB.OtherReports.DirectorOrTrustee.AccountsSignatory = “Yes“ are required to sign this declaration with details regarding each director or trustee as entered in DB.OtherReports.DirectorOrTrustee printed. The date on which the declaration is to be signed should be entered in DB.OtherReports.TrusteeDeclaration.

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