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User Guide

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

With MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Reporter you can quickly and easily produce sophisticated reports for your practice and your clients that draw on your General Ledger data. Reporter will enable you to meet statutory reporting requirements with confidence. It is flexible enough for you to customise reports to your requirements and to create reports to meet your clients’ management needs.

The key benefits of Reporter are:

  • Easy to produce reports to view and access details.

  • MYOB AE Reporter uses MYOB charts, so there is no need to learn a new one.

  • Full statutory Master reports and notes provided so you can be confident of meeting the compliance requirements.

  • MYOB provide Management Reports to assist with your reporting requirements. These reports are denoted with a $ sign.

  • You can design your own reports, giving you the added benefit of being able to provide another value-added service to your clients.

  • Graphical report designer using familiar spreadsheet functions and look and feel.

  • Ability to drag and drop accounts into reports.

Reporter enables you to produce statutory reports for:

  • Companies

  • Partnerships

  • Trusts

  • Sole Traders

  • Superannuation Funds

  • Associates.

MYOB AE Reporter includes standard reports that have been carefully designed to meet compliance requirements. These Masters reside on your system but are protected from accidental editing or deletion. They are made available to you, and to all the team members in your practice to use.

Most often, you launch Reporter from within your General Ledger, and you will operate at the Client level. You will notice that the title bar displays your client code to reinforce this. You are able to customise reports to suit practice wide or client specific needs.

When changes are made at the Practice level and saved they are known as Practice Masters. When changes are made from within a client ledger and saved they are known as Client Reports.

Depending on whether you are generating reports or designing and editing reports, you will either work in the:

  • Generating Reports window

This component of Reporter is used to run reports for your clients.

  • Report Designer window

This component of Reporter is used to design and edit the various hierarchy levels of reports and their components.

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