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Accessing the MYOB SME to MAS account map

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (NZ)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 35992

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise MAS (AE MAS) you can import transactions from a number of different sources.

When you import transactions exported from an MYOB business application, such as AccountRight as the account codes in the source ledger are different to that of the MAS ledger you need to map the accounts used for the transactions to the relevant accounts in MAS.

MYOB have provided a standard mapping called MYOB SME to MAS for the most commonly used accounts in this situation.

To use this default account map you need to save the attached file into your installation folder for MAS.  For example I:\S6client\

To identify the Database Location
  1. Open the MAS ledger and from the Help menu, select About, then click Application Details. The Management Accounting Application Details window opens.
  2. Review and note the Database Location and click OK. The About Management Accounting System window opens.
  3. Click OK. The MAS Ledger Profile shows.
To update the master map file
  1. Open Windows Explorer or Computer and navigate to the Database Location from the Application Details window. The files and folders in this location display.
  2. Right-click the DS6MF200 file and select Rename. The file name becomes editable.
  3. Type DS6MF200.OLD and press Enter. The file is renamed.
  4. Click to download the file.
  5. Unzip the file and extract the contents.
  6. Right click the file and click Copy.
  7. Go to the Database Location from the Application Details, and Paste the file. The file is saved to the relevant location.
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