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Accounting tab shows incorrect depreciation method, rate and OWDV after migrating to Assets

This support note applies to:

  • AO Assets Live (NZ)
  • AE Assets Live (NZ)
  • AO Assets Live (AU)
  • AE Assets Live (AU)
Article ID: 39120

When migrating to Assets from Accountants Office (AO) Classic - Fixed Assets, you may notice that the Accounting tab does not display the correct depreciation method, rate and Opening Written Down Value (OWDV).

On migration:

  • The data in the main Fixed Assets window and Assets tab in AO Classic are migrated to the Taxation tab of Assets, and
  • The data in the field Accts Schedule of the Other tab is migrated into the Accounting tab of Assets.

Where nothing has been entered into the Accts Schedule in AO Classic, the Accounting tab will not agree with the Taxation tab in Assets.


Insert PR# 153582636278

SR# 153543262556

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