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Activity statements - Payment Reference Number (PRN) incorrect

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
  • AO Tax (AU)
Article ID: 47581165

This issue happens in MYOB AE/AO (desktop) and in Activity statements in MYOB Practice.

In MYOB Tax, when you print the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (Activity Statement), the EFT code might be different to the Payment reference number (PRN) in ATO Online.

In ATO Online, the Payment reference number shows bbb aaa aaa aaa aa xxnn, where:

  • bbb is the branch code
  • aaa aaa aaa aa is the ABN
  • xx are the check digits
  • nn is the account type.

What you'll see in MYOB Tax?

For branch numberWhat's displayed in Tax
001Branch number is not printed.
Instead of bbb aaa aaa aaa aa xxnn, you'll see aaa aaa aaa aa xxnn
002 or higher

Branch number will print the number without the leading zeros.
aaa aaa aaa aa xxnn.
Example: for branch number 002, you'll see 2 aaa aaa aaa aa xxnn

The check digits xx Will vary depending on the above scenarios.

We've raised this issue with the ATO to make sure the payment is being processed correctly.

The ATO is aware of the differences between the PRN number in ATO online and the EFT code printed in MYOB tax.

They've advised that the payment will be sent to the correct account as long as:

  • The ABN is correct
  • You're using either of the PRN numbers.

If you need to make payments for multiple branches, please contact the ATO or see the ATO Online payment reference codes.


Insert PR# 173885827144

SR# 173885827103

ATO reference: DSPPT-7861 

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