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Adding a document in Intranet Administration does not display in Intranet

This support note applies to:

  • AO Document Manager (AU)
  • AO Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (AU)
Article ID: 27947

A document added in Intranet Administration only displays in Intranet for all users if the Type selected upon creation is set as active and to be used in Document Manager. In order to have this document displayed in Intranet change the document type in Intranet Administration.

To set up a document type to be used in Intranet
  1. In AE/AO, follow the menu path: Maintenance > Documents > Global Settings. The Global Settings page appears.

  2. Click the Document Types tab. A list of document types appears.

  3. Highlight the document type that will be used in Intranet. The settings for that type appear on the right-hand side.

  4. Select Active and This document type is used by Document Manager. The options are selected and the Application Type field becomes available.

  5. Choose the application type that will be used for this document and click OK.

You have successfully set a document type as active and marked it to be used in Intranet. 

To change a document type in Intranet Administration
  1. In AE/AO, follow the menu path: Maintenance > Documents > Intranet Administration The Intranet Administration screen appears.
  2. Locate the relevant document and highlight it. The document is highlighted.
  3. Right-click and select Properties. The Document Properties screen appears.
  4. Under Type, select an option that is set to be used with Document Manager and is Active.
  5. You have selected a document type that will ensure this document appears in Intranet.

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