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Adding a new user to System Services

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (AU)
Article ID: 27628

Before a new user can access System Release applications, you will need to create this user in System Services.

How to add a new user
  1. Open System Services as SUPERVIS or another login with Administrator access. The System Services window appears.
  2. On the Navigation Bar under Administration select User accounts. The User Accounts window appears.
  3. From the File menu, select New. The New user properties window appears.
  4. Complete the fields using the table below. 



    User Code

    For a network user, this is usually the same as their network login.


    Enter the full name of the operator.


    An optional password can be configured for each user.

    Gateway Mandatory

    Select the mandatory option when you require the Access Gateway window to always display when accessing System Services.

    Security Level

    You can have an access level between 0* and 6*, with 0* providing basic access and 6* providing full access to all maintenance functions.

    Local & Net path

    The directory path where temporary work files are stored. By default, the path %Temp%\User Code is set by using the TAB key to progress through the field

  5. Click the Preferences tab. The User Preferences appear.
  6. Complete the fields using the table below.

    All fields have a drop down list. Select the appropriate option from the list.




    The Start field allows you define what view will display for this user on starting System Services. The options are none, calculator, licence details, folder selection index and open folder for a specific folder.


    A welcome sound can be played.


    Select a default printer for this user.

    For further information on setting up a new user in System Services, please refer to the System Release 7.x online manual.

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