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Address not appearing on bills

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 37032

Within MYOB Practice Manager (PM) an address may not appear on a bill when previewing the bill.

This can occur even when the client has an address set up under the Address tab. 

This issue can be caused by keystrokes.  For example, once a draft bill has been created by clicking Finish (which then returns to the Billing Main screen), if a user clicks the Bill Address icon whilst the bill is in Draft mode and then clicks Cancel, the system removes the address from the Address field. 

To avoid this issue, once you click the Bill Address icon and the Bill Address screen opens, you must select an address or click OK for the system to retain the address.


SR# 110620733776


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