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ASIC Company Statements - some statements have not been downloaded

This support note applies to:

  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 23690

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Corporate Compliance on some occasions you might not get an annual company statement delivered to your Inbox within the 14 days of the company's review date.

When initiating a lodgement session to ASIC via Corporate Compliance > Lodgement > Send/Receive, the electronic lodgement session first receives all files placed by the ASIC in your registered agent's ASIC inbox.

Sometimes when receiving a file, the electronic lodgement session ends with the error message:

  • Requesting waiting reports from ASIC.
  • Exception received, closing session.

SSL_read failed
TcpDis StartReceiveForAgent exception - InternetComms RunSession exception - RunSession returns zero - false

  • Cancelled

When this error occurs, the lodgement session disconnects abnormally, and this may result in one or more company statements being missed.

The electronic session logs can be viewed via Lodgement > Session Logs tab > select the session you want to view > right-click and select view session log.

How to identify which company statements are due

To identify which company statements should be received each month, use the ASIC's Review Date Report. To do this:

  1. Select Agents in the task panel. The list of agents appears.
  2. Select the agent and select Request ASIC Reports in the task panel. The Request for ASIC Agent Reports wizard appears.
  3. Select the RA61 Request for review date report check box and click Next. The step RA61 - Request for review date report appears.
  4. Enter the start date that you want to report on in the Start date field, for example, 01-07-2005. The Start date appears.
  5. Enter the end date that you want to report on in the End date field, for example, 31-08-2005. The End date appears

    The date signed defaults to today's date.

  6. Click Next. The Finish step of the wizard appears.
  7. Click Finish. An RA61 request form is generated and ready to be lodged.
  8. Click Lodgement in the task panel. The RA61 report request form appears.
  9. Select the Lodge? checkbox corresponding to the RA61 form and then click Send/Receive in the task panel. A lodgement session begins. The form is transmitted to the ASIC; ASIC validates this request and sends back an RA62 report.

    The RA62 report might not be received back within this session. If this report is not received, initiate a new connection to ASIC by clicking Send/Receive to retrieve the report.

  10. Click Lodgement in the task panel, and then select the ASIC Forms Received tab on the right-hand side of the window. A list of all reports received from the ASIC appears.
  11. Highlight the RA62 report and select View File in the task panel. The report shows all the companies for this agent that have a company statement due in the date range entered.
How to re-request company statements

You can re-request the missing company statements by:

  • contacting the ASIC help desk, and requesting that a paper copy be sent; or
  • use the ASIC's website online service to download another copy of this company statement.

    ASIC provides an option in form RA71 to re-request the most recent company statement. This feature is not yet available in Corporate Compliance but will be included in a future release. Refer to Preparing an RA71 Form - Request for Company Details



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