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ASIC Forms lodged via paper

This support note applies to:

  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 25723

This article explains how Corporate Compliance manages ASIC forms that are not sent electronically. That is, ASIC forms that are marked as electronic lodgement 'No' and are submitted as paper copies.

The ASIC allows you lodge the following forms electronically, if they have been signed in the last six months. The forms need to

  • be validated successfully; and
  • be signed within 6 months of the current date.

The ASIC does not accept electronic lodgement of forms that have been signed more than 6 months ago.

  • Form 484 - change to company details;
  • Form 489 - change of registered office of a registered body;
  • Form 490 - change to directors of a registered body;
  • Form 492 - request for correction;
  • Form 902 - notification of supplementary information;
  • Form 361 - registered agent ceasing to act for a company;
  • Form 362 - appointment or cessation of a registered agent;
  • Form 370 - notification of resignation; and
  • Data request forms, ie RA forms

If you enter a signing date on an ASIC form that is more than 6 months prior to the current system date, you will find the following in the Forms Lodgement screen.

  • The Electronic Lodgement field for this form will be automatically set to No and cannot be changed
  • If you have this form checked for lodgement and you click Send/Receive, it will be changed to 'Accepted' as it is considered to have been lodged by paper. 

Changing the form so it can be lodged electronically

If you want to lodge this form electronically, you will need to change the signing date of the form to within the last 6 months

  1. In Contact, from the File menu, follow the menu path: Open > Corporate Compliance. The Corporate Compliance window appears.
  2. Click ASIC Forms The ASIC Forms window appears.
  3. From the In Progress tab, select the required form. The required form is now highlighted.
  4. Click Change signing details task. The Change signing details window appears.
  5. From the Signing officer click the down arrow and change.
  6. Click OK. The ASIC Forms window appears.
How to tell if a form has been lodged by paper
  1. From the Corporations menu, select the required Corporation. The Corporation window appears.
  2. Select ASIC forms tab Where the form is set to a status of accepted Where there is no ASIC document number Where you can view the form, there is no ASIC Validation Report attached.

    From Corporate Compliance 1.2, the status of the form will be set as lodged by paper

What to do if a form is lodged by paper and you wanted to lodge it electronically

If you have accidentally lodged a form by paper, you can do the following:

  • print out the ASIC form and lodge this form manually, OR
  • generate a new version of the ASIC form, ensuring signing date is within the last 6 months and lodge electronically
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