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Backup recommendations for MYOB program and data files

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (AU)
Article ID: 27161

The importance of a having a good backup system in place cannot be overstated. The time associated with data loss or corruption can prove to be very costly and frustrating. We recommend performing a full daily backup of all program and data files to be implemented on your server or standalone environment, in addition to an Backing up the MYOB AE or AO database.

System Backups

There are three types of Tape backups:

TypeData included in the back up
Full backupall specified files (Recommended)
Differential backupall files that were modified or created since the last full backup occurred.
Incremental backupall files that were modified or created since the last full, differential or incremental backup.

A full backup of MYOB program and data files is highly recommended due to the multiple files that may need restoring if a corruption occurs. Incremental backups, though commonly used as a backup strategy, are highly risky for data loss\downtime as the possibility for a tape backup failure over successive days or, the time taken to search for a particular file on a tape off-site may add to the downtime incurred.

If MYOB is open or a ledger is open when the tape backup program is running, the files left open may not backup correctly. In this circumstance, the tape backup log will show you what files were identified as being open during the scheduled tape backup. These files will need to be backed up again so a reliable backup is maintained.

Alternatives for maintaining a backup of MYOB software is available in many forms. Some of these are:

  • Windows backup and system restore
  • System Images
  • USB or an external hard disk drive
  • Cloud drive
MYOB program and data directories

The table below lists all MYOB programs and their default directories that you need to back up. Some of these programs may not be used on your network or standalone workstation.



System Release


Non-SQL Tax, CDS & PMA applications











Any other folders created for MAS, AMS or Tax.

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