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Country does not flow through from Practice Manager to Tax when using AC3 integration

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 34189

When using Admin Centre 3 integration, the system does not bring country through from Practice Manager to Tax for international addresses. This issue has been logged as an enhancement request for future release.

Admin Centre 3 Integration does not transfer the country field for a home address when there is an international address entered into the tax return.  This occurs as the country field is not linked to be integrated for overseas home addresses. This has been logged as an enhancement request for a future release.

To add an international address in Practice Manager and have it flow to tax, home address can be shared with either Postal or Business address to display country in a tax return.

To share addresses:

1. Open the client in Practice Manager. The Client's tab appears.

2. Navigate to the Addresses tab under the Client's tab. The Addresses tab appears.

3. Click Add/Maintain Addresses from the task bar. The Maintain Contact Addresses window appears.

4. Create a new Business or Postal address if one does not exist > save. New address created.

Continue to step 5 if address already exist

5. Click on Share address button. The Select Address to be linked window appears.

6. From the drop down arrow select address type as Home Address > highlight the business or Postal Address created in step 4 > Select. Maintain Contact Addresses window appears with Home address similar to Business or Postal Address selected.

7. Close out of the maintain contact address window > refresh > open the tax return and the correct international address will flow through to the return with the country.

If the business or postal address is different to client's home address and such a change is not practical, paper lodgement of the return will be required.



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