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Displaying sub accounts in Financial Reports

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)

Article ID: 28171

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Reporter, apart from specific areas of the reports where disclosure requirements dictate to show sub accounts, the financial reports use a variable setting to determine the display of accounts. In some reports, the balance of each sub accounts is summarised under the control account, which contains the value of all sub account balances.

You can choose whether to display sub account balances by specifying the control account code, that you wish to display the sub code details. This setting can be applied in either Report Designer or when generating reports.

To show sub codes when generating reports

Changes made when generating reports are applied to the current session only. These settings are ledger-specific. Any setting specified in this area override the settings specified for each specific report.

  1. From within your MAS or AE Accounts ledger, follow the menu path Reports > Reporter > Generate Reports.

  2. From the left navigation bar, click the ellipses (…) under Report Options. The ReportOptions appears.

  3. In the Account column, click in the first available row and type the account number you wish to show sub account codes for. For example:

    If you wish to have all sub codes appear in the reports, type All in the Account column.

  4. Repeat step 3 for all account numbers you wish to show sub codes for, then click OK. The description Sub Code appears in the Report Options field.

  5. Select the report you wish to generate and click Preview or Print as required. The report appears and where applicable, the sub accounts are displayed.

To show sub codes by applying the setting to the format

To apply these settings at practice level, ensure you make the following changes in Accessing Practice Level Report Designer. The following instructions use examples to make amendments at client level.

  1. From within your MAS or AE Accounts ledger, follow the menu path Reports > Reporter > Design Client Reports. The <ClientCode> - Report Designer window opens.

  2. Click the Formats tab. The Exploring Formats window opens in the left-hand pane.

  3. Double-click the format you wish to make the changes to. For example, Balance Sheet - Full compliance, P&L Trading, Management Rental Statement Multiple etc. The contents of the format appear in the right-hand pane.

  4. For the relevant row, right-click on the Repeat icon (

    ) located in the green column of the format and select Repeat...

  5. Click the drop-down list in the Show sub codes field and select one of the following options:

    Use report options

    This is the normal default and will look at the report options to what you have selected. If there are no sub codes listed, no sub codes will print. when using this setting, you need to specify the account codes where you wish the sub codes to show when printing the reports as per the above procedure.

    NeverThis will not print any sub codes no matter what you have specified under the report options
    AlwaysThis will print sub codes even though you may not have selected sub codes to print at the time of generating the reports time.

  6. Click OK. The repeat settings are saved.

  7. Click the blue disk icon to Save, then close Report Designer.

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