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Duplicating a MAS ledger with a code of more than 8 characters

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 24081

In MYOB AE MAS (AE MAS) you can copy a ledger or change a ledger code by duplicating the AE MAS ledger. 

However if the source AE MAS ledger has a client code in excess of 8 characters, the duplication routine creates a blank AE MAS ledger with an 8 character ledger code.

To duplicate a client ledger that has in excess of 8 characters you will need:

To manually copy the client directory and rename

To manually copy and rename the client directory, follow the steps:

  1. From the Start menu, select Run. The Run screen appears.
  2. Type X:\s6client in the Open field, where X: is the drive that System Services is installed on and s6client is the directory that contains your MAS clients. A window opens containing your MAS client directories.
  3. Select the directory of the client you wish to duplicate and follow the menu path: Edit > Copy > Edit > Paste. A directory named "copy of client code" appears at the bottom of the directory listing, where client code is the client code of the ledger copied.
  4. Select the directory that has just been created and follow the File menu, select Rename. The directory name changes to edit mode.
  5. Type the 6 character code you require for the client code and press Enter. The client code has changed.
  6. Double click on the edited folder. A list of files appear.
  7. Highlight the file MP and from the File menu, select Delete. The MP file disappears.
To create the new client code in System Release

To create the new client in System Release, complete the following steps:     

  1. Open System Services and from the Navigation bar open the Administration section and click Folders. The Folders view appears.
  2. Double click the folder that contains your MAS clients. A list of MAS clients appears.
  3. From the File menu, select New. The Select new object to create screen appears.
  4. Click Item. The New item Properties screen appears.
  5. Type the 6 character client code in the Client field and press TAB. The cursor moves to the next field.
  6. Type MAS4 and press TAB. MAS4 appears in the Type field and the cursor appears in the Name field.
  7. Type the ledger name and click OK. The ledger has now been duplicated.

To confirm the duplication has been successful, open the duplicated ledger and check if the data matches the original ledger.  For example, run a Trial Balance - the total amount should be the same for both reports.


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