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Editing Debtor statements

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)

  • AE Practice Manager (AU)

Article ID: 33989

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager (AE PM) you may need to edit your Debtor Statements to insert a field or edit the Practice's name for example.

To edit debtor statements this must be done via the Edit Layout section.

To access the Edit Layout area, click Edit after highlighting the report you wish to edit and then click the second icon from the left which is the Edit Layout icon.

You can hover your mouse over each of these icons to see the names of the icons.

The document AE Formatting Guide using Designer.pdf explains these features plus many more. 

For example, inserting logos and graphics, page breaks, headers and footers, summarising data all within the Edit Layout area of reporting.

In addition, you can access the Self Paced Online Learning at my.myob website by clicking the link below for 'Working with Smart Reports Designer'

Australia: Working with Smart Reports Designer

New Zealand: Working with Smart Reports Designer

Should you require further assistance with customising reports, please contact your Client Manager to arrange for chargeable consulting services.

To access the Edit layout section of report
  1.  Click the Reports icon. The Report page appears.

  2. Click Debtor Statements under the Debtors section in the Task Bar. The Debtors - Debtor Statements appears in the Report page.

  3. Select the Title MYOB Debtor Statement and click Edit. The Change Report - Debtors - Debtor Statements page appears.

  4. Click the Report designer icon. The Report Designer - Debtors - Debtor Statements page appears

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