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Editing debtor statements and invoice templates (AU)

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (AU)

Article ID: 34828

Debtor statements are found in Reports > Debtors > Debtor statements

To edit a layout

Highlight it and click Edit. The Edit Layout button is second from the left in the top left-hand corner between the Save button and the Run Report button.

More help

Sample statement layouts and a guide explaining how to tailor them to your requirements are attached to this article:

Online learning is available to help you edit your debtor statement layouts: Running and Customising Debtor Statements.

The Edit Layout option is available in MYOB AO for 6 weeks after installation. After 6 weeks the button becomes hidden. Should you need to edit debtor statements or reports after the initial 6 week period, please contact MYOB Support.

Should you require further assistance with customising reports, please contact your Client Manager to arrange for chargeable consulting services.


This article is for Australian clients only as the online learning is different for New Zealand clients. Please refer NZ clients to Editing debtor statements (NZ).

The sample layouts and guide can be found in X:\Products\Solution6\AO\New AO Upgrade Resources\AdditionalTemplates.

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