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Editing Debtor Statements font type and size

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • Solution 6 (now MYOB)
Article ID: 14777

You can edit the Debtors Statements font type and size to suit your practice's need.

To edit Debtor Statements layout

The following instructions use the example of changing the font size from Arial 8 pt to Time New Roman 10 pt.

  1. In Practice Manager click the Reports icon to open the reporting area.
  2. Click Debtor Statements under the Debtors section in the Task Bar.
  3. Select the title MYOB Debtor Statement and click Edit. The Change Report - Debtors - Debtor Statements page appears.
  4. Click the Report designer icon. The Report Designer - Debtors - Debtor Statements page appears.
  5. Click Page Setup under the Common Tasks in the Task Bar. The Report Settings screen appears.
  6. Click the Styles icon.
  7. With the style of Normal selected, select Times New Roman from the Font name drop-down list.

    Do not do a search for the font type by typing the first few characters of a font name. This will save the Font name as what was typed in the field. Eg if you type Tim and select Times New Roman from the picklist, the Font name will save as Tim.
  8. Select 10 from the Font size drop-down list and click OK.

    If you select one item from the layout and change the font type or size from the item properties of the designer screen, this will break the link between the style type and the item. Subsequent changes to the style font type will not update the item.
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