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Editing Postal address from upper case does not flow to Main details tab

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 25994

When editing a Postal address within MYOB AE Practice Manager (AE PM) from upper case to lower case, the changes are not flowing through to the Main screen.

To resolve, edit the Postal address by adding a character to the end of the relevant address line, and then edit the address back to the correct address.

To correct the Postal Address
  1. In AE PM click the Clients icon.
  2. Type the client code or name in the Search for field and press Enter.
  3. Highlight the relevant client and click OK.
  4. Click the Addresses tab.
  5. Click Add/Maintain from Addresses under the Task Bar.
  6. Type a numeral or letter on the end of the address in the Address field for the Postal address and click OK.
    The address will now appear correctly on the Main tab.

  7. Click Add/Maintain from Addresses under the Task Bar.
  8. Edit the Postal address to remove the numeral/letter and click OK to save.
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