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ELD Part D Practice Name not printing as the Tax Agent Surname

This support note applies to:

  • AO Tax (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 36635

In MYOB Tax version 2014.0 onwards, you may experience when printing the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (ELD) that in Part D the Practice Name is not displaying what has been entered in the field "Last name" of the Tax Agent details.

To ensure these details display correctly on the ELD, there are two areas available to configure the Agents details. They are:

  1. Maintenance > Agents area and
  2. Tax Agent details in the Control Record.
This is not a software issue, but rather the flow of the information from the data entered in the Tax Agent details and the priority of how it is entered into the ELD.


Tax Agent via Maintenance > Agents

To check the Tax Agent details
  1. Open a Tax Return and select the Maintenance menu and Agents. The Agents window appears.
  2. Highlight the Agent and select Properties. The Agent Properties window appears.
    In the General tab, the Tax Agents details that are used are:
    - Given Names
    - Surname
    - Practice Name
The following examples are provided to explain how this data is displayed in the ELD Part D.
a. Given Name, Surname & Practice Name are present = ELD displays Given Name & Surname. 
b. Given Name & Practice Name are present = ELD displays only the Given Name.
c. Surname & Practice Name are present = ELD displays only the Surname.
d. Practice Name is present = ELD displays only the Practice Name.
If you prefer to display the Practice Name on the ELD, ensure no details are contained in the Given Names and Surname fields.
Where all three fields have data present this may be used to accommodate Agents who have registered with both their own name as well as the Practice Name.
  1. Select OK to save and close. The Agents window appears.
  2. Select Close to return to the Tax Return. The Tax Agent details are entered.

Tax Agent via Control Record

To check the Tax Agent details
  1. Open a Tax Return and select the Utilities menu > Control Record. The Control Record Properties window appears.
  2. In the General tab, enter the Practice Name and OK to save and close. The Tax Agents details are now entered in the Control Record.
If you have entered the Tax Agent Details in the Control Record and in the Maintenance > Agents, and you have selected the option to "Default from Control Record" (NB: This option is found in the Maintenance > Agents > View the Properties of the Agent > Defaults tab) the ELD will default to the Control Record.


PR: 18621577008 

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