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Entering a miscellaneous charge in Practice Manager

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 34525

Miscellaneous charge bills can be entered into MYOB Practice Manager (MYOB PM) for adjusting debtor balances where there is no invoice to adjust or for the purpose of adding an interest charge to overdue debtor balances.

If raising a miscellaneous charge for the purpose of adding an interest charge to a client's debtor balance ensure you select the relevant tax rate as the Type at step 8. To setup a miscellaneous code type with a zero tax rate please refer to KB 31320: Charging interest on overdue debtor balances in Practice Manager.
To enter a positive miscellaneous charge
  1. In MYOB PM, open the client and go to the Bills tab.
  2. Click the Billing Wizard option on the TASKS bar. Stage One of the Billing Wizard opens.
  3. Click Next after entering the relevant information. Stage Two of the Billing Wizard appears.
  4. Click the [+] icon Create miscellaneous charge in the top left-hand side of the screen. The Select Client Job screen appears.
  5. Highlight the relevant job and click Add. The Create new billing charge screen appears.
  6. Select the type of miscellaneous charge in the Type field, enter the net amount and any notes required.
    The Type of miscellaneous charge you select will determine if the final bill includes GST or not. To check the tax rate set up on the code, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Code Types and expand the Misc Charge code type.
  7. Click Close. The Stage Two screen appears with the miscellaneous charge total.
  8. Click Next. Stage Three of the Billing Wizard is displayed.
  9. Enter any paragraph text to appear on the bill and finalise it in the usual way.

    These entries appear on debtors statement as an invoice. If you want them to appear on debtors statement as interest, type in eg INTEREST001, INTEREST002 etc in the Invoice Number field before posting.
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