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Entering Budgets in MAS

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (NZ)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 28626

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise MAS (AE MAS) you can enter Budgets values in AE MAS.

The following information outlines the procedure for entering Budget values in AE MAS.

To enter budget values
  1. Open the MAS ledger, and follow the menu path: Data > Budgeting.
  2. Click New. The Add/Edit Budgets screen appears with the cursor in the budget code field.
  3. Type a code for the budget. The cursor moves to the status field.
  4. Type an appropriate status. The cursor moves to the Description field.

    Note: You can press F10 and select the option from the pick list.
    C = Current
    P = Projected
    O = Other
    Only one budget on the index may be flagged as P and C at any time.

  5. Type in an appropriate status and click OK. The Add/Edit Budgets screen appears with the cursor in the budget code field.
  6. Press Esc. The Budget screen appears with the new budget listed.
  7. Press Enter on the budget you have just created.The Budget xxx: Status yyy screen appears with the cursor in the Method field.
    Where xxx is the name of the budget entered on creation of the budget and yyy is the status entered on creation.
  8. Type a method to be used for your budget.
  9. The cursor moves to the Account Code field.

    You can press F10 and pick one from the following:




    Manually enter figures.


    The total annual budget figure is entered which is then divided between a specified range of periods. Any rounding difference is allocated to the last period.


    This method enables the total budget figure to be distributed between periods by specifying the percentage to be appointed to each period.


    Where the same budget value is required in each period, that figure is entered and the system automatically pre-fills all other periods with the same amount.


    The starting budget figure is entered for the first period and the percentage rate to be added or subtracted each period. Each period's budget value is calculated by applying the rate to the prior period figure. Where the rate is entered with a minus figure, the budget values will be reduced each period.


    This method adjusts a base amount by a specified amount each period. Each new period budget value is calculated by adding or subtracting the specified amount to be balance of the previous period. Where a decrease is required, enter the adjusting amount with a minus sign.


    You enter the first and the last period budget values. The system calculates the difference between the two balances and divides that amount by the number of periods.

    Last Year

    The actual periodic balances from the prior year will be inserted as the budget figure in the corresponding periods of the current year.

  10. Type the required account code. The cursor moves to the Amount field for the first period.
  11. Type the value of the budget for the specified account for each period, pressing enter after each value is typed. The entry appears at the top of the screen and the cursor appears in the Account code field.

    Repeat steps 8 and 10 for each account requiring budgets to be entered using the same method.

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