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Error: "70: The file 's:\sol64\ds6op010' is currently locked and has not been included in this backup"

This support note applies to:

  • Profiles (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 28366

In MYOB Datasafe when performing a backup the following error may appear:

"Environment Error 70  The file 's:\sol64\ds6op010' is currently locked and has not been included in this backup.  Please manually copy the specified file in the back Please manually copy the file into the backup folder <backup folder path>".

This message appears if the DS6OP010 file (which is required) is currently in use and cannot be copied into the backup folder. Products that use this file include AE Tax and products launched from System Release.

To fix this issue, copy the DS6OP010 file from the location specified in the error message to the backup folder.

For Datasafe backups to complete successfully, ensure that all users have exited AE Tax and products launched from System Release.
To copy the DS6OP010 file to the backup folder

In the following instructions, ensure you substitute the file locations with the directories listed in your error message.  The instructions below are an example of the DS6OP010 file residing the directory S:\SOL64 and the backup folder S:\data\MYOB\backup\Group0\000003C.  

Perform the following steps from your Windows desktop.

  1. Press and hold the Windows button and press R on your keyboard. The Run window opens.
  2. Type S:\sol64 in the Open field and press ENTER. The sol64 screen appears.

    S:\sol64 is where the DS6OP010 file resides in our example.  Ensure that you have substituted this location correctly based on the directory listed in your error message.
  3. Select the DS6OP010 file and from the Edit menu select Copy. The file is copied.
  4. Navigate to the backup folder (as displayed in your error message) and from the Edit menu, select Paste. The file is pasted to the folder relevant to the backup.


Backup changed in 8.13/6.30 to display this error rather than reverse backup.

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