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Error: "C:\Solution6\bin\taxform.exe -aeActImport"

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Accounts (AU)

These instructions require technical expertise

Make sure you know what you're doing and are using one of the products listed. If you're not sure, ask your IT professional or MYOB.

Article ID: 28920

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) you may experience the following error "C:\Solution6\bin\taxform.exe -aeActImport" when importing from AE Accounts to AE Tax.

The following information is only relevant if you use Contacts or Viztopia with Compliance Integration to access AE Tax.  
To resolve this error, use the following instructions
  1. From the Help menu, select About MYOB Contacts. The About MYOB AE Contacts window opens.
  2. Click Application details. The MYOB AE Contacts Application Details window appears.
  3. Note the Installed Location.  The Installed Location is noted. Example:  C:\Solution6\
  4. Click OK and Close. The Contacts window appears.
  5. Within any AE Tax return; from the Help menu select About. The About Tax window appears.
  6. Click Application details. The Tax Application Details window appears.
  7. Note the Database location. The Database location is noted. Example:  S6:\\<server name>\MSSQL\AETAX1 where <server name> is the name of the server to where AE Tax has been installed.
  8. Close AE Tax. The Windows Desktop appears.
  9. At the Windows Desktop, right-click on the Start button and select Explore. A Windows Explorer window opens.
  10. Navigate to and open your SOL64 folder. The contents of the folder appear. ExampleS:\SOL64 Note: If you need to determine the location of your SOL64 folder, refer to Finding the System Release directory if I use Contacts or Client Compliance to access AE Tax
  11. Double-click the sr.exe file. The Login Gateway window appears.
  12. Type SUPERVIS in the User code field and S6 in the Password field and click OK. The Folders window appears. Note:  If the Folders window does not appear, click the Administration link on the Navigation Panel; then the Folders link.
  13. Highlight the folder Location that matches the Database location noted at Step 7 and press ENTER. A list of ledgers appears. ExampleS6:\\<server name>\MSSQL\AETAX1
  14. Right-click the 2014 tax ledger and select Properties. The Item properties window opens.
    Note:  If this is occurring in a prior year, perform these steps on the relevant year's ledger instead of 2014.
  15. Click the Options tab. The details of this tab appear.
  16. In the Command field type /EPCSetPro 2014 <program file path> where <program file path> is the Installed location noted at Step 3, followed by the 'bin' folder.
    Example/EPCSetPro 2005 C:\Solution6\bin Note:  The command /EPCSetPro is Case sensitive and MUST be typed as it appears in this article, otherwise, you will get an error appear at Step 18.
  17. Click OK. The list of ledgers appears.
  18. Highlight the 2014 tax ledger and then press ENTER. Some windows may appear and then disappear.
  19. Right-click the 2014 tax ledger and select Properties. The Item properties window appears.
  20. Click the Options tab. The details of this tab appear.
  21. Delete /EPCSetPro 2014 <program file path> from the Command field and click OK. The list of ledgers appears.
  22. From the File menu, select Exit. The Windows Desktop appears. 
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