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Error: "'Could not find part of the path" when opening PDF Manager

This support note applies to:

  • PDF Manager (AU)
  • PDF Manager (NZ)
Article ID: 31231

In MYOB PDF Manager you may experience the error "Could not find part of the path" when attempting to open PDF Manager after a Server Migration or if the license file has been moved or deleted.

The license file for PDF Manager (Pdfmgr.lic) becomes invalid after it is moved, migrated or deleted from its original location and the above error appears when users try to open the application.

If you are unable to open the software to re license it, please follow the following steps.

The steps to resolve this error is based on whether the error occurs on:

One machine effected

If only one machine is experiencing the error, then you need to delete the MPCConfiguration.xml file for the Windows User Profile on the local machine. 

To delete the MPCConfiguration.xml file

Perform the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the Windows button and press R on your keyboard.
  2. In the Open field, type %APPDATA% then click OK. Windows File Explorer opens to the Appdata\Roaming folder.
  3. Double click PDF Manager.
  4. Highlight the file MPCConfiguration.xml and press the DELETE key on your keyboard.
  5. Click Yes to confirm deleting the file.
  6. Open PDF Manager to recreate the MPCConfiguration.xml. PDF Manager opens and the message "Trial period has expired. Do you wish to register the software now?" appears.

    PDF Manager can be opened by following the menu path Start > Program Files > MYOB > PDF Manager.
  7. Click Yes.
  8. In the Licence MYOB PDF Manager window, click the ellipses button to locate the PDF Manager licence file located on your server. If you're unsure of the location, check on another workstation running PDF Manager via Help > Licence MYOB PDF Manager.

If the error persists after performing the above steps, contact MYOB Support to re-license the software.

Multiple machines effected

If there are multiple machines experiencing the error, please call MYOB Support to re-license the software.

It is recommended that when you re-license the file that you save the new license file over the existing file.
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