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Error: "DMFile.CreateNewIntranetDocument: The process cannot access the file ...." when creating documents

This support note applies to:

  • AO Document Manager (AU)
  • AO Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (AU)
Article ID: 23150

In MYOB Document Manager (DM) you may experience the following error when performing a Mail Merge to create documents in DM using an Intranet Standard and/or stationery templates:

"DMFile.CreateNewIntranetDocument: The process cannot access the file 'C:\Documents and Settings\%user\Local Settings\Temp\tmp6E1.doc"

 To resolve this error you need to clear as many files from your Temp location.

Removing files from the Temp location

To remove the files from the Temp location, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start and type: C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Local,
    where <username> is your Windows login.
    The Local Settings folder opens.
  2. Double click on the TEMP folder.
    The Temp folder window opens.
  3. Delete as many files as you can.
    The Temp folder should be nearly empty now.

    You must ensure that you delete the file that is mentioned in the error message.




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