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Error 'DS6OP050 corrupt'

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (AU)
Article ID: 30104

When accessing System Release you may receive the error message, "DS6OP050 corrupt."

You can rectify this error by renaming the DS6OP050 file in the SOL64 folder.

To rename and delete the DS6OP050 file
  1. At your Windows Desktop, click the Start button and select Explore.
  2. Navigate to the SOL64 folder, right-click on the file DS6OP050 and select Rename.
  3. Type DS6OP050.old and press ENTER. The file DS6OP050 is renamed to DS6OP050.old.
  4. Exit Windows Explorer and start System Release. The DS6OP050 file is recreated.
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