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Error "Failed to update corporation data"

This support note applies to:

  • AO Corporate Compliance (AU)
  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 36067

When importing an RA72 into Corporate Compliance (CC), the import may fail at the end, displaying an error "failed to update corporation data". There are a number of causes for this error occurring. Following is an explanation of some of the different causes and the resolution where applicable.

A person is both an officer and a member

The import may fail when selecting both officer and member to one existing person in CC, where the ASIC records reflect different names in CC for officers and shareholders.
An example of this is where on the RA72, the officer might be Jane Mary Brown, and member might be Jane Brown. The CC person selected for both is Jane Mary Brown.

To complete this process, in the upload process, select the appropriate member or officer where the name matches, and for the member or officer whose name is slightly different, leave the contact field blank in the upload window. This allows CC to create the person as a contact, subsequently you need to amend the data after the import is complete. For example, in the above scenario, you find Jane Brown as a contact on the members tab.

To consolidate the position and holding into the one existing contact
  1. Open the corporation and click the Capital tab. The capital classes display.
  2. Highlight the capital class and select Change Share issue.The change Share issue window opens.
  3. Click the Allotment details tab, highlight the contact and click Edit.The allotment details for the holder displays.
  4. Note all the details, click Cancel. The holder information window closes and the Change Share issue window displays.
  5. Highlight the holder and click Delete then click Yes to confirm. The holding is removed from the allotment details page.
  6. Click Add, then use the ellipsis to choose Mary Jane Brown from your existing officer/shareholder list and complete the allotment details. The details are selected.
  7. Click OK. The correct holder appears on the allotment details tab.
  8. Click OK and save as a database correction only. The Capital tab displays.
You need to amend ASIC records to add Jane's middle name to the member details. Please contact ASIC for the appropriate method to correct this. Usually this is by way of a Form 492, however on some occasions the error is an ASIC one and they can amend this over the phone. Refer to the original Form 484c allotting or transferring shares to Jane to make this determination.


Missing Fixed/Floating/Both and or description fields in the Charges

If the RA72 shows charges listed then they type of charge is required, for example, fixed charge, floating chart or both. If the RA72 shows no charges listed then there is no need for a type and therefore this is not cause of the upload failure.

If there are charges showing on the RA72, and the type is missing, then ASIC's records need to be updated. You can contact ASIC to have the missing Chargee details updated over the phone. If ASIC are unable to update the records over the phone, they can advise you on how to request for these details to be changed.

Once ASIC's charge details have been updated, lodge a new RA71 request and upload the resulting RA72. Provided there are no other causes for the failure, the subsequent upload is successful.


Ultimate Holding company

If there is an Ultimate Holding Company (UHC) which does not exist in Corporate Compliance prior to the import, this can cause the upload to fail. In this situation manually create the UHC before importing the RA72.

Share class discrepancies

Share capital issued shows a different capital class to the capital held by the member. For example "A" with quotes compared to the shareholders details which may show A without quotes.
In this scenario, enter the data manually into CC and then lodge a correction to ASIC.

ASIC may be able to alter this information over the phone if the error is at their end.

Once the issue details are updated by ASIC, lodge a new RA71 request and upload the resulting RA72. Provided there are no other causes for the failure, the subsequent upload is successful.

Data corruption in the RA72

There can also be issues with the RA72 data itself. Delete the existing RA72 and request another copy of the corporation data and attempt import of the updated data.

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