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Error: "Index was outside bounds of the array" when accessing PDF Manager

This support note applies to:

  • PDF Manager (AU)
Article ID: 28824

When accessing the PDF Manager the error "Index was outside bounds of the array" may occur. This error occurs due to a corrupted PDF Manager user profile. Recreate the user profile on the workstation where the error is occurring.

To recreate the PDF Manager user profile
  1. Right-click the PDFManager monitoring icon in the System Tray on your Windows Task Bar and select Stop Monitoring. The monitoring is stopped.

    The System Tray is where the time is displayed. If PDF Manager is not launching when your PC is started this icon will not be there.


  2. Open My Computer, or Windows Explorer, and navigate to the following location: C:\MYOB\Knowledge Management\PDF Manager\Data\. A folder that matches your Windows user account is listed in the contents of the folder.

  3. Highlight the folder for your user account and from the File menu, select Rename. The folder name can now be edited.

  4. Type OLD at the end of the folder name and press ENTER. The change to the folder name is saved.

  5. Restart the PC.

When PDF Manager loads at start up a new PDF Manager profile is created.

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