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Error: "Invalid use of null" when adding a new asset to a Asset Control Group

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)
Article ID: 23392

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Assets (AE Assets) you may experience the following error "Invalid use of null" when adding a new asset to a Asset Control Group.  This error indicates that there is a required field that is blank, such as an Integration Account.

This error can occur in the following situations:

  • When Assets has been setup as a standalone ledger then integrated to a General Ledger and the integration codes are not entered into the control group. 
  • When converting from the old AMS to AE Assets and not all integration accounts were entered in the existing data, for example the private use account.
To resolve this error review the following
  1. Ensure that each of the Integration Accounts has an account number selected for all Asset Control Groups and
  2. Ensure that the Integration Accounts are selected for all of the Integration Accounts types on both the Taxation tab and the Accounting tab.
Entering an account to the Integration Accounts for an Asset Control Group
  1. Open the AE Assets Ledger and right click the relevant Asset Control Group and select Properties. The Asset Control Group Details window appears.
  2. Under the Integration Accounts section click on the ellipsis […] button on the Taxation tab or the Accounting tab. The Account Finder - Non Data Entry Accounts window appears.
  3. Highlight the account to be selected as the Integration Account for that Integration Accounts type and click OK. The account number will now show for that Integration Accounts type.
  4. Enter the Integration Accounts by repeating step 3 for all Integration Accounts types.
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