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Error : MPCLic::UserProvider:Constuctor - Unable to validate user

This support note applies to:

  • PDF Manager (AU)
  • PDF Manager (NZ)
Article ID: 38521

In MYOB PDF Manager, you may receive the error MPCLic::UserProvider:Constuctor - Unable to validate user when attempting to open PDF Manager:

This error occurs where the tracking files in the MYOB PDF Manager licence file location are corrupted.

To resolve this issue, ensure all users have closed out of PDF Manager and PDF Manager monitor then, go to the licence file location and rename the sys.bin and user.bin files. You can then open PDF Manager without any errors.

We’ve addressed this issue in PDF Manager,1.8. Download the latest release from my.MYOB Australia or New Zealand.

If the file cannot be renamed, PDF Manager or PDF Manager monitor may be still be running.


Insert PR# 137238085649  
SR# 137024097496

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