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Error: "NOT LOADED - Error loading data" and data not appearing in Tax Homepage views or tax returns not showing in the Tax Returns tab

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 32746

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Tax, you may experience data not appearing in the Tax Homepage view and this may be accompanied by the error “NOT LOADED – Error loading data”.

This error occurs due to an incorrect configuration of AE Tax Homepages. You will need to indentify the correct settings first so as to ensure you enter the correct details.

This solution is also relevant if tax returns are not being displayed in the Tax Returns tab in AE Practice Manager.

To update the tax database settings you require some information regarding your system. Refer to the following links to identify the required information and to update the settings:
To determine the name of your SQL Server, AE Tax database and Installed Location
  1. From AE Practice Manager open any client tax return. The tax return opens.
  2. Click on the Help menu and select About. The About Tax window opens.
  3. Click on the Application details button. The Tax Application Details window opens.
  4. Note the Installed location, for example C:\SOL64. The location is noted.
  5. Note the Database location path information, for example: S6:\\<server name>\MSSQL\AETAX1. The Database location is identified.

    The <server name> noted at step 4 is the name of your SQL Server. The last part of the path noted at step 4 is the name of your AE Tax database. For example: AETAX1
  6. Close all Tax returns. The AE Practice Manager screen appears.
To obtain the Tax Ledger Code
  1. Open System Release. The MYOB System Services window opens.

    If you cannot launch System Release from your desktop follow the System Services path noted above. In the SOL64 folder locate and double click on the application file sr.exe to launch System Release. If required enter the Username SUPERVIS and Password S6.
  2. Locate Tax 20xx but do not open this ledger.  Note the Ledger Code in the Client column. Where 20xx is the tax ledger for the current tax year. The ledger code is identified.
  3. Close all System Services windows. System Release closes. 
To update the settings for Tax Homepages
  1. In AE Practice Manager, follow the menu path: Maintenance > Tax > Settings The Tax Settings window opens.
  2. Click Edit connection details in the Tasks panel. The Edit connection details window opens displaying the Database tab.
  3. Update the Tax Database Name and SQL Server fields using the details obtained above. The fields are updated.
  4. Under Connect Using enter the User name:sa and Enter the relevant Password. The SQL credentials are entered.

    The default password is Myob123 if SQL has been installed by MYOB. If a 3rd party has installed SQL or the password has been changed internally contact your IT support. If your IT support does not know the password request they reset the passwor
    If the SQL password is reset, update the SQL password entered in AE Tax located in Utilities > Control Record > Defaults tab.
  5. Click the Tax tab. The Tax details appear.
  6. Enter the Tax Program Path noted at step 4 above, for example X:\SOL64. The installed path is entered.
  7. Enter the Ledger Code as identified above, for example TAX. The ledger code is entered.
  8. Click Save. nThe connection details are saved.
  9. Click the Security tab. The Login Security Model details appear.
  10. Select the appropriate Security Model and click OK. The changes are saved and the Tax Settings window is closed.

    Read the descriptions under each Security Model to make your selection

    The data now displays in the Tax Homepage views.

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