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Error: "Rollover Parameters Not Defined" message when rolling over a general ledger

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
  • AO Classic (NZ)
Article ID: 31207

You may get the "Rollover Parameters Not Defined" message when no Income Allocation account has been defined, or there are accounts with a blank End of Year Rollover Type or Account Type field in the Accounts Maintenance window.

To amend the chart of accounts
  1. Click on Cancel on the message "End of Year Rollover parameters and/or Income allocation has not been defined for all accounts. If you wish to proceed with the Rollover, the General Ledger will create last year comparative figures, but will not create Opening Balances". The End of Year Rollover window appears.
  2. Click Yes on the message Would you like to print a list of the accounts with Invalid Parameters?. The Chart of Accounts Report wizard appears.
  3. Click Preview. The report appears, listing all the accounts within the ledger with an invalid or undefined Account Type and/or End of Year Rollover Type in Accounts Maintenance. The report also displays the total number of the accounts listed in the report.
  4. Print out or make a note of the accounts on the report.
  5. Click Close. The message End of Year Rollover was abandoned appears.
  6. Click OK. The ledger trail balance window appears.
  7. Go to General Ledger > Accounts Maintenance. The Account File Maintenance window appears.
  8. For all the accounts that you noted:
    1. Select the account and if the Account Type field is blank or incorrect, enter the correct value.
    2. If the End of Year Rollover type field is blank or incorrect for the Account Type, enter the correct rollover option. For example the rollover option for an Asset, Liability or Capital should be either Balance Forward or Add to Account, never None. None is valid for Revenue and Expense accounts.

    3. Click Apply. The account is updated.

If you noted all the revenue or expenses accounts, define the Income Allocation account for the ledger. For more details, see Setting up the Income Allocation accounts within General Ledger

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