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Error: "TFN already exists"

This support note applies to:

  • AO Tax (AU)
Article ID: 34651

In MYOB Accountants Office (AO) you may experience the error "TFN already exists" when adding a new client.

The error may arise if a contact with same Tax File Number (TFN) already exists in the system.

To be able to create a record with the required TFN, find and remove the TFN from the existing record.

If the record is a Contact and not a Client, convert the Contact to a Client which you can then use for tax returns.
To identify and remove the TFN from a client
  1. Open MYOB AO. The Find Clients tab opens.
  2. Select Tax File Number and ABN. The options are selected.
  3. Type the TFN with spaces in the Search for field and click Search. The resulting clients are shown.
  4. Open the client found by the search result and remove the TFN from the Main tab if the TFN is incorrectly applied to this client. The TFN is removed.

If the TFN is correct you can use this client to create new tax returns.

To convert a contact to a client
  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the Contacts button and select Contacts. The Find Contacts tab opens.
  2. Search for the Contact Name which was identified as containing the TFN. The search results appear.
  3. Open the relevant contact. The Contact opens.

    The contact shows without a client code.

  4. Click Convert to contact in the Tasks panel. The Convert contact to client window opens.
  5. Enter a relevant client code and click OK. The contact is converted to a client which you can now use to create tax returns.

    If you do not wish to use this Contact as a Client, click the Extra tab and remove the TFN.

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