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Error: "The following return has been output to lodge via ELS"

This support note applies to:

  • AO Tax (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 38340

In MYOB Tax when using PLS (ClouthAuth) to lodge you may experience the error "The following return has been output to lodge via ELS" when lodging.

After activating CloudAUTH lodgment by installing, ensure that any returns that have been output via ELS are re-completed. This will ensure the return output for ELS is deleted.

This issue can also occur where there is a space your Windows username. For example, if you log into windows with the user name "John smith" instead of "John.Smith".

If there is a space in your Windows username, have another user (without a space in their Windows username) lodge the return.

If you continue to experience this error after completing the above, ensure you are on the latest build of MYOB Tax.


Insert PR# 137473355142 - This was a known issue in 2016.1a but was fixed in a rebuild of 2016.1a

If client still experiences this issue on 2016.2 or above after all of the above please ensure they have their applicable versions of UseIpSbr.XML and IpSbrConfig.XSL.

Ensure the SBR sender has the logon of the windows administrator, and the username they're using does not have spaces in it.

Insert PR# 161718119919 - where there is a space in the Windows username of the user who is lodging.

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