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Error: "The user profile could not be written. The workpath is either not accessible or may not be writeable. Please check details."

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (NZ)
Article ID: 14754

You may get this error after upgrading to System Release 7.1a. MYOB is investigating this issue.

This error is followed by the error "The system cannot access the workpath specified for this user and cannot proceed without a valid workpath for temporary files. Please edit the workpath to an accessible location, or contact your system administrator."

If you continue with the existing workpath the error "Cannot login without a valid workpath." occurs and you are then returned to the System Services login gate. Changing the workpath in the field provided returns the error 'This location is read only'. The errors will then continue preventing access to System Services for that user.

This error is due to an existing corruption in the ds6op050 file. This file contains information relating to users:

  • Customized toolbars;
  • Navigation favourites; and
  • Window sizes.

If during the upgrade process you encounter the message 'Format Corrupt not on file' this indicates that a corruption has been detected in your ds6op050 file. You may be able to log in to System Services once but on exiting the program and attempting to enter again the errors detailed above will occur.

To correct this issue you need to rename your existing ds6op050 and open System Services. This will create a new blank version of the ds6op050. Customised toolbars and navigation favourites need to be manually recreated.

To rename the ds6op050 file
  1. Double click the My Computer icon and go to the drive on which your Sol64 directory is located. The contents of the drive appear.
  2. Double-click the Sol64 directory. The contents of the Sol64 directory appear.
  3. Right-click ds6op050 and select Rename. The file name changes to edit mode.
  4. Rename the file to ds6op050.old and press ENTER on your keyboard. The change to the file name is saved.
  5. Open System Services in the usual method and access is now possible.
  6. Manually recreate customised toolbars and navigation favourites.
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