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Exporting report data to Excel

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic (NZ)
Article ID: 310

Certain reports in Accountants Office can be previewed as plain text, which can then be imported into Excel to allow additional analysis of the report data, sorting, etc.

You can do this in couple of ways:

  • Copy and paste the report content into Excel; or
  • Click the To Word icon then Save the .RTF document as .TXT and open this document in Excel.


To copy and paste in Excel
  1. Preview the report, select the required data and press CTRL + C. The required data is copied to the windows clipboard.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel and press CTRL + V. The data is pasted all into one column, usually column A.
  3. Select this column then from the Data menu select Text to Columns.... The Wizard opens.
  4. Accept the defaults and click Finish. This will separate the data into the relevant columns.
To use the To Word option
  1. Preview the report and click the To Word icon. The Save As window appears.
  2. Select Rich Text File (RTF), select the required location and click Save. The document is saved in the selected location.
  3. Open Microsoft Word the .RTF file in Microsoft Word and from the File menu select Save As..., The Save As window appears.
  4. Select Plain Text (.TXT) and select the required location. The file is saved to this location as Tab delimited but discards text formatting information such as Bold, Fonts, etc.
  5. Open Microsoft Excel and open the .TXT file. The Text Import Wizard opens.
  6. Select Delimited and click Next. The Wizard continues with Tab selected as the delimiter by default.
  7. Click Finish. The data now appears in columns.
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