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Exporting reports in Assets

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)
Article ID: 26081

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Assets (AE Assets), you can export reports to save as a file for opening using third-party software such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

These reports include: 

  • Full Schedule
  • Accounting Schedule
  • Tax Schedule
  • Additions and Disposal Schedule
  • Simplified Tax System (STS) Long Life Schedule
  • STS General Pool Schedule
  • LVP Schedule.
To export reports in Assets
  1. In the Reports menu, select a report you want. For example, go to Reports > Full Schedule. The Report Properties window appears.

  2. Click Preview. The report appears.

  3. Right click the report and choose Export. The Export window appears.

  4. From the Format drop-down list, select a format you want to use. For example, Excel 5.0.

  5. Click the ellipses [...] button. The Save As window appears and the cursor appears in File name.

  6. Enter the filename of the document, browse to the location where the document is to be saved and click Save. The directory is displayed in Location.

  7. Click OK. The report is appears and the file is saved and exported.

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