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GST Report missing transactions when importing from Essentials

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic (NZ)
  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
Article ID: 38818

In MYOB Accountants Office (AO) Classic - General Ledger (GL), version 19.0.1a you may experience some transactions with GST applied are not included in the GST Report after importing an .MYE or .TXT export file from Essentials Accounting.

This issue occurs where the export file is missing the GST account code and GST amount in the line item. This issue also occurs where the GST amount and GST account appear as a separate transaction.

If you're experiencing this issue, contact us and quote KB 38818.


When the MYE file is imported, AO will request one or more balancing entries.

 There are INV records in the file extracted from Essentials that are missing the GST amount. For example:

 Transaction Date IV0000000001 Account number transaction amount

 Transaction Data IV0000000001 Account number transaction amount GST Amount GST Account number

 Transaction Date IV0000000002 Account number transaction amount

 Transaction Date IV0000000002 Account number transaction amount

The transaction "IV000000001" is correct. However the second transaction, "IV000000002" is missing the GST amount and GST account in the last 2 columns on the second line.

 As a result, the journal for IV000000002 journal will not balance and a balancing entry will be created.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Rename the MYE file and add the extension .ZIP to the file name. (For example rename, XYZ Company.MYE to XYZ Company.MYE.ZIP)
  2. Double-click on the ZIP file to view the contents.
  3. Double-click MYOBAO.txt.
  4. Highlight all transactions and copy them into a new Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Look for all transactions were the Transaction amount + GST amount does not balance to zero. These transactions need to be corrected in the MYOBAO.TXT file.

This is a defect with Essentials which has been reported in TITAN-575

Insert PR# 147071298344

SR# 13873365084

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